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MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2007

Online poll: Ban phones while driving for all ages

Drivers of all ages should be banned from using cell phones, according to 100 Daily readers who answered an online poll.

They made up 52.1 percent of the 192 who answered the two-day poll, which ended Sunday.

“The Legislature is considering a ban on drivers 17 and younger using cell phones,” the poll said. “What should legislators do with this bill?”

Most chose “Pass it, but apply the ban to all drivers.” Sixty-five readers (33.9 percent) said “Pass it,” while 27 (14.1 percent) said “Don’t pass it.”

The poll was unscientific, and people could vote from anywhere.

“I just completed a job in Atlanta and I have been on the road a lot,” reader Aaron Potts of Decatur commented in an e-mail.

“I have seen so many adult drivers on the road that drive in the left lane on the interstate at 50 mph and are totally oblivious of the traffic around them and seemingly could care less as long as they have nothing in front of them. They are more of a hazard on the road than any teen driver in a local neighborhood.

“Pass the law and make it applicable to everyone, including state troopers and local police. This is one law that even they should not be exempt from.”

Steve Stewart

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