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Glasscock scolded over e-mails
Chairman faces heat about scandal amid request to hire personnel director

By Sheryl Marsh 340-2437

Morgan County Commission Chairman John Glasscock received a scolding about the infamous e-mail scandal in which he was involved before commissioners approved his request to hire another personnel director.

District 4 Commissioner Stacy George said he opposes hiring another director because Glasscock was not a proper supervisor for Jack Underwood, whom the commission fired for forwarding sexually charged e-mails through county computers.

"Instead of writing him (Underwood) up, the chairman condoned him," George said, during a work session Tuesday. "He wanted to fire him. I've had a lot of people in the county that told me if we were going to leave Mr. Glasscock in his position we need to hire Jack back."

George told Glasscock, "You're still here, and he's not here."

"Mr. George, we're talking about a new person," Glasscock said.

Glasscock also said he did not vote to fire Underwood. George said Glasscock recommended that the commission fire Underwood, after an e-mail of naked women surfaced that Underwood forwarded to Glasscock, who sent it to others outside the courthouse.

A forensic investigation by a computer expert of county computers found 50 more sexual e-mails on Glasscock's computer. The expert labeled them pornographic.

George said because Glasscock participated with Underwood in sending inappropriate e-mails, he is not an effective leader or supervisor.

District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark said the county needs a human resources director to relieve the county administrator and other commission office workers. The payroll clerk handles personnel matters. Before hiring Underwood in 2003, the county did not have a human resources director. The payroll clerk said Underwood was the first director.

County Attorney Bill Shinn said department heads and elected officials called him concerning personnel issues. He advised the commission to hire another director.

District 3 Commissioner Kevin Murphy and District 2 Commissioner Ken Livingston agreed that the county needs another director.

George voted against hiring one.

He told commissioners that if they hire a human resources director, Glasscock should not have the sole authority to do so. Also, he said Glasscock should not be the director's supervisor.

Glasscock said a committee, which would include himself, County Administrator Syble Atkins who works for him, Sheriff Greg Bartlett and Clark would hire the director.

After the meeting, Murphy said he would move for the director to be under the supervision of the entire commission. He said it was to be that way with Underwood.

Clark, Murphy and Livingston voted to hire a director for a starting salary of $50,000, the same starting pay that Underwood received.

When the commission fired him in November, Underwood's salary was $54,829 plus benefits.

Glasscock served on the committee that hired Underwood.

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