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County's pond will have water

By Sheryl Marsh 340-2437

The reflecting pond in Cotaco Park on the north side of the Morgan County Courthouse won't be dry for many more days.

The once-picturesque water attraction should return to its original state in May, according to County Commission Chairman John Glasscock.

Maintenance employees were cleaning the pond last week.

"They cleaned it and got out the junk such as algae and trash," said Glasscock. "I'm sure it will have to be cleaned again when they get ready to fix it. We want to have a nice, clean abrasive surface when they put whatever substance they use to fix it."

The pond has been dry and an eyesore with PVC pipe exposed for more than three years.

Maintenance Supervisor Wayne Lindley said cement is cracked and the pond leaks. He and others drained it to keep water from freezing on courthouse sidewalks.

Glasscock said he doesn't have a cost, but Lindley is working with a pool company to get the pond repaired.

"They think they can fix it within about two weeks," Glasscock said. "I don't know what it'll take but that's what I'm told. We're looking at it being fixed before the end of May."

Lindley said the first person who examined the pond said her company could not repair it permanently.

He got help from the city of Decatur.

"I talked with the guy in Parks and Recreation at the city, and he got us in touch with a person who fixed the Aquadome pool," Lindley said. He will be here Monday to look at it, and I'm sure he'll be able to help us."

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