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MONDAY, MAY 21, 2007

Readers divided on whether Iraq pullout is a good idea

Bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq would increase terrorism at home, Terry Adam Turner believes.

“With having our troops in these areas, there isn’t a firm footing that terrorist groups can stand on,” Turner of Chalybeate wrote by e-mail in response to a Daily online poll. “They are constantly having to move around to avoid being captured.”

Readers who responded to the poll were almost evenly divided on the question “If U.S. troops pull out of Iraq, do you think that will increase terrorism in the United States?”

A total of 25 readers (51 percent) answered yes, and 24 answered no. The two-day, unscientific poll ended Sunday at

Turner said pulling troops out of Iraq would be “similar to what America did to Germany at the end of World War I.

“By this I mean we went in to get rid of the threat, while in the process left Germany needing rebuilding and without a working government. This led rise to Hitler, who used propaganda to gain support, and eventually America had to return to that area for World War II.

“I feel that if we just pulled our troops now, it would leave room for a tyrant to come in and further build hatred toward America, leading to another 9/11.”

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