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Daily readers approve of standing ovation for Bishop

By Franklin Harris 340-2394

By a narrow majority, readers participating in a Daily online poll approve of the state Senate Republicans' show of support for Sen. Charles Bishop, R-Jasper.

The unscientific poll, which ended at 5 p.m. Wednesday, asked, "Did state Sen. Charles Bishop deserve a standing ovation for punching Sen. Lowell Barron?"

Of the 263 people who responded, 137 (52.09 percent) voted yes and 126 (47.91 percent) voted no.

The Daily received several e-mails on the subject, but none supported Bishop, and two expressed disapproval for both Bishop and Barron, D-Fyffe.

Jon Elmore of Decatur wrote, "The whole incident was an embarrassment to the people of Alabama. Our elected officials are supposed to be representatives of the people, but I feel ashamed to be represented by grown men who resort to name calling and physical violence to try and settle their differences. They should both resign their seats."

Terry Vandiver of Decatur wrote, "Sen. Bishop and Sen. Barron should be reprimanded. This was an outrageous lack of self control. We expel our children for fighting in school. They (Bishop and Barron) and the senators who applauded them set a terrible example for our children."

And Dakota Nichols of Hatton wrote, "In the past few years, the Republican Party has tried to change the meaning of GOP from Grand Old Party to God's Own Party. Sen. Bishop must have misread his Bible to say 'punch him in his cheek' rather 'turn the other cheek.' With a group of Republicans giving Sen. Bishop a standing ovation, it just shows how truly corrupt the GOP (Gas Oil Party) really is!"

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