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Poll says give George’s surety money to county

By Steve Stewart · 340-2444

Most Daily readers answering an online poll favored paying $4,500 to the Morgan County General Fund rather than refunding it to County Commissioner Stacy George in connection with an e-mail lawsuit.

The two-day, unscientific poll at ended Wednesday. Of 376 respondents, 206 (54.8 percent) voted to pay the money to the county and 170 (45.2 percent) said it should be refunded to George.

George posted the money as surety after filing the suit against County Commission Chairman John Glasscock, Commissioner Jeff Clark and Data Processing Manager David Hannah because they denied him access to e-mails on county computers.

The case related to misuse of e-mail by employees and officials. Circuit Judge Steve Haddock dismissed the case.

The defendants want the money sent to the General Fund and used to pay the lawyer they hired, but George says he is entitled to have it back. He said Wednesday that if he gets it back, he will offer refunds to all citizens who donated some of the money.

The poll results do not necessarily represent public opinion at large, and people can vote from anywhere.

In an e-mail response to the poll, Charles Thomas of Vinemont said George is a publicity seeker wasting tax money, and “I think Morgan County would be better off if he were to resign the office he holds. ... I see little more than tongue-wagging as his best accomplishment. Enough is enough. Stacy, take a chill pill.”

Thomas — like some others who sent e-mails — lives outside the county. He said this gives him a clear view of events.

“Give the man his money back,” wrote Glenn Sparks of East Lawrence. “They hate him for standing for what’s right and what he was elected to do.”

Mike Dowdy of Hartselle commented:

“Glasscock, Clark and Hannah had the services of the county attorney readily available. They chose to seek attorneys other than the county attorney, which tells me that they possibly questioned his ability to professionally represent them.

“Supporters of Stacey George donated the $4,500. Giving the money to the General Fund, to assist these three aforementioned individuals, is absurd. Had the commissioners done the proper thing in the beginning, this would not have ever gotten this far.”

Louette Stallings, who lives in the Little Cotaco Valley area, described the whole case as “disgusting” and said the money should be returned to George.

“I am with Mr. George on this,” she said. “All of the goons that participated in the sexually explicit e-mail should be fired or impeached. This makes me so angry, because hardworking taxpayers are having to foot the bill, while these people sit up on their buns playing tiddlywinks.

“What would they do if they had to work for a living like the rest of us? Anyone out in the normal work force would have been fired immediately. ...

“At least Mr. George takes care of the roads where we live, and does his best to help people when they call upon him for assistance.”

Jerald T. Moyers of Huntsville, who voted to return the money to George, noted that the same judge who required the surety bond later dismissed the case.

“Now, for a case that never was, there are those who think that they should reap the benefits of someone else’s money! ‘Liberty and justice for all’? Not in Morgan County!”

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