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SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2007

Morgan to work on driver license line confusion

By Sheryl Marsh · 340-2437

Signs are posted at both of Morgan County License Commissioner Sue Baker Roan’s offices at the courthouse, but people still seem to be confused about where to go for a driver license.

Roan said she plans to take additional steps to help them find their way.

Her office for driver license issuance is on the first floor adjacent to the driver examiners’ office, where people test for driver permits and licenses.

Roan said she is aware that people confuse the two operations.

“I have taken customers back downstairs when they came back and said the line was too long,” Roan explained. “They thought it was our office, but it wasn’t.”

Three signs directing people to the first-floor office for driver licenses are posted at Roan’s second-floor office and one hangs above the entrance to the driver examiners’ and her office on the first floor.

Arrows are on the signs for direction.

“We want to make it as convenient for the customers as we possibly can,” Roan said. “We don’t have frequent long lines and if we ever have one and the examiners are caught up with their work they’ll help our clerk because they can issue and renew licenses, too.”

Roan said she is studying a way to clear the confusion.

“I talked with the maintenance supervisor to see how we can make it better,” Roan said. “He said he would study it and come up with something. I’m thinking about lowering the sign down there and maybe placing another one inside the office. We don’t want people to get lost.”

Directions for license

The driver examiners’ office and Roan’s license division is in the old sheriff’s office on the first floor.

The entrance is to both offices.

To get to the driver license office for renewal, turn left after entering.

There is no driver license issuance in Roan’s second-floor office.

The only licenses issued in the second-floor office are business, boating, hunting and fishing. In addition, the office sells automobile and mobile home tags.

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