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Cody, Tip and the Rusty Truck Mystery
Chapter 2 of Tip's story:
Cody and Tip Get into Trouble

Cody, Tip and the Rusty Truck Mystery: Part 2 of a nine-part series

By Melanie B. Smith · 340-2468

The story so far: Cody’s dog, Tip, had a barking fit the day before and slipped outside. Cody rescued his dog, but Tip seemed upset by something down the street. Will Tip behave today?

Cody is stuck on his homework. He is trying to write a paragraph for science class. His teacher has assigned topics from a list. All of them have to do with science in everyday life.

Cody scans the list. It seems the best ideas went to his friends.

“I wish I had this one instead of Misha: Is Silly Putty a Liquid or a Solid?” he says to his friend, Roberto, who is visiting after school. “Or I like your topic, ‘The Science of Cake-baking.’ Where’s the cake you baked? I’m hungry.”

“Like I would share it if I did!” Roberto jokes as he puts on his soccer shin guards. “Are you ready to practice?”

Cody makes a face at his friend and then looks again at his topic. The title has a long word he knows he’s heard before.

“Im-mis-ci-bil-i-ty,” he says aloud and then reads, “ ‘The Mystery of Immiscibility. Tell how a common industry makes use of this scientific principle that oil and water don’t mix.’ ”

“I remember immiscibility. The teacher gave out those jars half filled with cooking oil.” Roberto says. “Then she had us pour water in.”

“Yeah, I remember,” Cody answers. “The oil came to the top, and the water settled on the bottom. She talked about molecules and density and stuff, but what’s that got to do with industry?’ Cody asks.

Roberto shrugs.

Cody looks over at his sleeping dog. “Hey, Tip. Do you know?”

Tip opens her eyes to slits and shuts them quickly. She turns over and settles back into her nap.

Cody sighs. Just then, Tip’s ears perk up and her eyes fly open. She scrambles to her paws and races to the front door.

Cody tries to think, but Tip starts barking.

“What now? She did this yesterday,” Cody says to Roberto. “I wonder if the mean cat from next door is coming over.”

Cody goes to the door and hears nothing except a motor running roughly.

When he opens the door to look out, Tip slips away. Cody gives chase, leaving Roberto pulling on his shoes. Tip heads toward a new house under construction down the street.

Cody tries calling Tip, but she doesn’t turn her head. She weaves through the piles of shingles, pipes and other materials, still barking, until she disappears behind the half-finished house.

Just then, a big brown pickup pulls up. A man turns off his engine and jumps out. “What are you doing here?” he yells.

Cody is at the edge of the property. He tries to spot Tip.

“I’m sorry, mister. My dog ran in there,” he says, having to raise his voice over motor noise.

“You stay here. I’ll get the dog,” the man says.

“Tip, Tip, come here!” Cody calls.

Tip finally appears, barking and looking back to the rear of the half-built house. She turns in a circle and sits, still barking. The man creeps behind her, scoops her up and hands her off to Cody.

“Now go and don’t come back. You could get hurt,” the man says. “If you come back, you’ll be sorry.”

Cody fusses as he carries Tip home for the second time in two days.

“I don’t understand what’s gotten into this dog,” he says to Roberto, who is standing in the yard. “Yesterday she ran away and could have been backed over by a recycle truck. Today she runs to a building site where we get yelled at. She’d better not get me into any bigger trouble.”

Tip tries to lick Cody, but he turns his face. The lick lands on his ear.

“Yuck,” he mutters.

THE DAILY’s NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION LINK: In today’s Decatur Daily, look in the Classified section for the Housing/Real Estate classification. Then find the “Lots, Acreage” listing.

What is the biggest property listed? How many 2-acre lots could be subdivided from the square acreage?

(Alabama Standard: Math—Demonstrate computational fluency.)

Puzzler: Do you know of any everyday product made using the principle of immiscibility (that oil and water don’t mix)?

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