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Cody, Tip and the Rusty Truck Mystery
Chapter 5: Where did Tip go?
Cody, Tip and the Rusty Truck Mystery: Part 5 of a nine-part series.

By Melanie B. Smith · 340-2468

The story so far: Cody was accused of stealing from a construction site, and he can’t keep from thinking about it — or his dog’s recent strange behavior. What will Tip do next?

School isn’t really on Cody’s mind the next day. He keeps thinking about the builder who accused him of stealing.

“All I was doing was taking care of my dog,” Cody thinks.

He tries to bring his mind back to science class. The teacher is talking about the kinds of items that can be recycled.

“You probably know that paper and aluminum can be recycled. But did you know that many other metals are recycled into new items that your family buys? Old steel is remade into new cars. Rubber tires are turned into outdoor benches. Copper is a metal that is in great demand ...”

Cody perks up.

“... because copper can be recycled into pipe and wire that new houses need,” says the teacher. “The price of copper has gone up greatly.”

“That’s why someone stole that copper!” Cody decides. “They can make a bunch of money selling it to recyclers!”

Later that day, Cody walks home after playing soccer at Roberto’s house. Inside, he sits at the computer, trying to learn what real-world industry uses the principle of immiscibility. He has to turn in his science paragraph on the topic soon.

He can’t seem to make any progress so he decides to write his mother an e-mail. She can check her e-mail even though her National Guard unit is far away:

“Dear Mom, I am supposed to be doing homework. You aren’t here to make me, though! ... Just kidding. I will get my homework done. I have had to chase Tip a lot lately. I’m not sure why she’s been running out of the house ... ”

Suddenly, Cody remembers that he hasn’t seen Tip. He asks Mrs. Lee, his afternoon caregiver. She says she remembers letting Tip out into the backyard just after noon.

“Here, Tip. Here, girl,” Cody calls at the back door.

He scans the fenced yard. Cody doesn’t hear barking. He looks at Tip’s favorite napping spot under a tree. He doesn’t see Tip. What he finally spots is a hole dug under the fence. Tip is gone.

Cody tells Mrs. Lee about Tip’s escape and starts looking for his dog in the neighborhood. He jogs up the street and down, calling. Finally, Cody sees his dad’s car pulling into the street. Cody runs to the driver’s side, and his father lowers the window.

“Dad, Tip is gone! There’s a hole under the fence in the yard, and I can’t find her!”

“We’ll look for her, son. Get in.”

They drive all over the neighborhood, stopping to call her name. They even go to the unfinished house. Standing on the curb, Cody and his dad yell, “Tip, Tip! Come here, girl.”

Tip doesn’t come. She is lost.

THE DAILY’s NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION LINK: What kinds of pets do you find reported lost or found in the classified section of The Decatur Daily?

Make a graphic organizer or a chart showing the numbers and kinds of pets lost and found. What kind of pet is most often lost? Figure what percentage of pet owners offer rewards.

(Alabama Standard: Math—Analyze data collected from a survey or experiment to distinguish between what the data show and what might account for the results.)

More: Does today’s paper mention any Alabama National Guard troops? Where are they?

Next chapter: Sept. 4

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