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No violation found in investigation into sex offender at Decatur school

By Seth Burkett · 340-2355

Decatur police said their investigation into a convicted sex offender who was picking up children from Walter Jackson Elementary has so far revealed no violation of the law.

The sex offender is the father of all the children he was picking up, the children’s mother told The Daily. She said her ex-husband picks up the children because she works first shift and can’t get to the school in time to pick them up. She picks up the children from him immediately after work and he heads to his second-shift job.

Capt. Nadis Carlisle, chief detective, said police are still investigating the matter.

“We have not yet received independent verification that he’s the father of the children,” Carlisle said.

“We did verify that the child that was victimized was not his own child, nor lived with him,” Carlisle said, referring to the case in which the man pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual abuse in 1996.

The law does not expressly prohibit all sex offenders from picking up their children from school, Carlisle said.

“There are some factors that would prevent a parent from picking up their kid, but at this time, we haven’t found that he violated any provisions of that law,” Carlisle said.

“He would be in violation of the law if he were picking up kids that were not his own or if he was loitering — meaning he had no legitimate purpose for being there or he stayed longer than necessary to conduct his legitimate business,” he said. “There are a few other things that could make him in violation, and we’re checking into those possibilities also.

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