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Morgan budget doesn’t tap road and bridge fund

By Sheryl Marsh · 340-2437

For the first time in three years, the County Commission balanced its General Fund budget without tapping the Road and Bridge fund.

This year, the county will put $175,734 into the reserve fund for roads and bridges.

Chairman John Glasscock attributed the surplus to teamwork and an increase in projected revenue.

“The commissioners and the other elected officials and department heads worked together diligently to reduce unnecessary costs in the past three years,” said Glasscock. “Everybody has helped across the board.”

The total county 2008 budget is $40,961,690. The General Fund budget, included in that amount, is $20,542,536.

Commissioners have $4,104,930 to use for roads and bridges.

“By not having to go into the Road and Bridge Fund, we can maintain good roads and bridges,” Glasscock said.

In addition to more money for roads and bridges, the county’s expenses decreased by about $2 million for 2008. Last year’s overall budget was $42,542,389. The General Fund budget slightly increased for 2008. Last year’s budget was $19,393,259.

Glasscock explained that the overall budget was higher for the current year because the commission transferred $3 million from Road and Bridge last year.

“A transfer from reserves shows as revenue and that makes the budget higher,” Glasscock said.

District commissioners

District commissioners responsible for maintaining the roads and bridges are pleased about having more money to spend.

“It’s the first time in several years we’ve been able to keep our road and bridge money dedicated for those projects, said District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark. “We’ve got some catching up to do on some of our maintenance, and I hope that the predictions for revenue hold true and we’ll be able to finish our next fiscal year as good as this one. All of our department heads and elected officials tried to come in under budget, and that’s helped us have this good budget.”

“I think it’s good,” said District 3 Commissioner Kevin Murphy. “I think that with our prior budget cuts we’ve been able to balance it out.”

District 4 Commissioner Stacy George agreed with Glasscock that teamwork brought balance.

“I think that the various elected officials and department heads have done a good job in coming under budget,” said George. “We’re fortunate to have a good group to work with here in the county.”

The commission adopted its budget far ahead of the Sept. 30 deadline.

The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1.

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