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Morgan circuit clerk holding thousands for people, firms in unclaimed disbursements

By Sheryl Marsh · 340-2437

Morgan County Circuit Clerk John Pat Orr is holding $211,500 for more than 1,000 people and businesses entitled to disbursements from his office.

During a recent audit, state examiners found outstanding checks dating to 1995 that have not been disbursed. The checks total $11,500 and represent 259 people and businesses entitled to disbursements from his office.

The audit is for district and circuit court offices, which Orr manages. It covers from June 1, 2005, to April 30, 2007.

He has more than $200,000 for 1,050 people whose checks were returned less than five years ago. He is trying to get those checks disbursed.

“One reason we’ve fallen behind in trying to get the money disbursed is that our bookkeeper is having to do other duties because of a layoff we had a few years ago,” he said.

The businesses Orr has money for include Wal-Mart and Marvin’s. He also has money for Decatur City Schools.

Orr said Thursday that he is correcting the findings. The examiners listed the outstanding checks as a finding in past audits and noted that it remains unresolved.

“We have voided all of the checks, but we have to go through and do more work,” he said. “These are checks we wrote to people, who for some reason didn’t get them or didn’t cash them.”

Among other types of fees, the checks include child support and restitution payments, he said.

“They could also be for overpayments,” Orr said. “Like, if a person paid a dollar too much on a traffic ticket.”

Orr tallied the payments Thursday. The highest amount was $1,625, and the lowest was a penny.

“It cost us 41 cents to mail that 1-cent check,” he said.

5-year time limit

By law, Orr can only keep the payments for five years. After that, he forwards the money to the County Commission office where it remains for seven years. During that time, recipients may go get the money due them.

After seven years, the money moves into the county’s General Fund, Orr said.

During the redemption period, the money is in a checking account and accrued interest goes to the state, Orr said.

Orr said the checks were returned for various reasons, including people having moved to other places.

“Some of it may have been delivered wrong by mail,” he said.

“If we can find them, we will, but if not, we’re going to turn it over to the county,” Orr said.

Some of the money is owed to businesses, including Pizza Hut, Marvin’s and Dollar General.

Orr will re-issue checks as people claim the money.

In addition to returned checks, the examiners noted that Orr was not posting receipts and disbursements for investment accounts timely, resulting in an overstatement of $138,520.31.

Orr said the money he has in investment accounts is mostly for judgments from litigation involving underage children.

“When they become 19, we give them the money,” Orr said. “Until then, I have it in certificates of deposit. The reason for the overstatement is that we paid out three allotments, but forgot to delete them from the system.”

In a third finding, the examiners wrote that Orr did not have supporting documentation for disbursements from the clerk’s fund.

He said the fund contains restitution to the state, and he uses it for reimbursing himself for attending conferences.

“I put everything on my personal credit card and put the slip from the transaction in the restitution box,” Orr said. “I keep the itemized bills in a folder in my desk drawer, but the auditor said they need to go in the restitution box.”

Circuit Clerk John Pat Orr’s money list: Is your name here?

Bud’s Discount $56.94
Eyster, John C. $75
Wal-Mart Stores $19
Wal-Mart Stores $19
Bramlett Auto $9
Wakefield’s Inc. $154.56
Compass Bank $1,315.52
Barnes, Chasity $17.20
Jackson, Kim $19
Barnes, Chasity $2.89
Barnes, Chasity $6.83
Bolden, David $19
Bolden, David $19
Decatur City Schools $9
Bolden, David $7
Bill O’Dell $150
Sharpe, Michael $3.46
Sharpe, Michael $3.47
Reece, Bryan $50
Schell, Judy $39
Schell, Judy $29
Schell, Judy $19
Holyfield Conkne $0.67
Freeman, Shannon $1.67
Terry, Katie $1
Stone, Barbara $8.34
Morgan County Co $25
Steven Partridge $389.81
A-1 Pawn Shop $3.02
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Shelton, Vasser $19
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $1.01
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $1.21
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Willodine Lovett $1
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.80
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.81
A-1 Pawn Shop $0.61
Kara, Marie Betti $60
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.81
A-1 Pawn Shop $0.61
Steele, Angela $1.38
Alfa Insurance $35.50
Marthan, Allen $148.21
Steele, Angela $4.15
Steele, Angela $14.47
Florstela Reyes $122.75
Greg Hawkings, D $76.95
Smith, Lloyd Jr. $1
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.81
Marvin’s Inc. $927.16
Pizza Hut $83
Linda Cournoyer $74
Vegas Pawn Shop $0.82
A-1 Pawn Shop $0.61
Sears & Roebuck $89
Wal-Mart Stores $8.66
Pizza Hut $0.39
Robert Raynor $250
Pizza Hut $3.53
Domino’s Pizza $0.83
Community Bank $3.73
Adrian Terrell $0.07
Fuller, Amy $1
Domino’s Pizza $0.95
Pruitt, Linda $1.94
Leisure Entertai $19
Pruitt, Linda $0.70
Pruitt, Linda $0.41
Orr, Ladonta $2
Jeremy Givens $69
Adrian Terrell $1.41
Reginald Langham $0.01
Tyrone Scruggs $0.10
Donald McDowell $19.95
Hawkins-McCaghren $1
Orr, Ladonta $3
Domino’s Pizza $0.73
Michael Allen $49
Jeremy Givens $70
Tyrone Scruggs $5.40
Adrian Terrell $2
Tyrone Scruggs $13.08
Pruitt, Linda $0.94
Nikia Boykin $1
Not on file $2
Alabama Dept of Publ $56
United Financial $24.25
Lampkin, Betsy $1.20
Texaco/Sneaky Pe $2.24
Pruitt, Linda $0.63
Greg Demike $0.07
Mason Cleveland $6
Cornelious, Bobbi $0.10
Weaver Candy Com $39
Pruitt, Linda $0.63
Kathy Black $44.94
Pizza Hut $51.12
Bookland $45.92
Kelly Deloney $2.04
Ken’s Quick Stop $1.20
Pizza Hut $105.86
Pizza Hut $2.53
Pizza Hut $112.01
Not on file $0.20
Jeremy Oden Camp $40
Pizza Hut $117.70
Ashley Dana Chil $15
Luis Mendoza $1
Wilfong, Gary $0.10
Brett Alan Marks $94.33
Austinville Elementary $40
Dollar General $53.82
Jones, Tony $95.38
Jones, Tony $126.72
Brian Thomas Eva $19
Williams, Kara $5.31
Michael Cannady $9
Christopher Flin $0.14
H&H Pawn Shop $0.10
Diamond Wood Tre $0.44
Jones, Tony $170.45
Robert Dunlap $80.41
Circle K Corporation $1
Robert Dunlap $98.36
Ogle, Danny $2
Jones, Tony $107.45
Harbin, Michael $0.27
Floyd Borden $1.31
Insurance of Nor $159
James Gray $294
Bank Street Pawn $0.91
Video Port $19
Elizabeth Main $39
Richard Alan Car $2
Parker Auto Rent $4.63
Kenneth Hart Jr. $3.83
Pettey’s Cleaners $15.64
Elizabeth Main $49
Hardee’s Enterpr $930
Karen Borden $4.38
Dixieland Express $151.14
Dillard’s $293.76
Hibbett’s Sporting Goods
Smith, Kristy $0.68
Family Dollar $99
Christy Orr $2.93
Marvin’s Inc. $22.59
Valley Stockyard $44.48
Lawrence Abbott $1,625
Wolverine Credit $200
Davis, John $3.12
James D. Robinson $49
Yvette Barrett $50
Movie Gallery Inc. $39
Hardee’s Enterpr $25.57
Movie Gallery Inc. $39
Movie Gallery Inc. $39
Dillard’s $29
Weldon, Ruby $1
Movie Gallery Inc. $39
Floyd Borden $0.75
Pauline Bishop $25.93
Sherrie Coan $24
Tucker, Rodney $0.66
Movie Gallery Inc. $29
Kenneth Hart Jr. $50
Rapid Express Inc. $32.65
Rapid Express Inc. $25.50
Not on file $0.64
Parker Auto Rent $3.47
Pawns of Decatur $1.98
Derix Walker $2.11
Parisian $29
Movie Gallery Inc. $44
Derix Walker $2.14
Drucilla Payne $58.45
Bryan Jones $1
Clinton Smith $150
Larry Griffin $19
Derix Walker $2.17
Williams Edde $238.73
Terry Daniel, Jr. $6.72
Larry Griffin $29
Walter Lee Barne $3.70
Cheryl Crumley $1.44
Walter Lee Barne $106.68
Carrie Lockhart $0.52
Movie Gallery Inc. $19
Walter Lee Barne $160.86
Thomas Vaughn $0.70
Gary Peters $1.22
Cheryl Crumley $0.72
Floyd Borden $4.31
Thomas Vaughn $0.52
Gary Peters $2.51
Cheryl Crumley $1.48
Joe Ledbetter $4
Walter Lee Barne $81.08
Nancy Morelan $0.26
Cheryl Crumley $1.48
Walter Lee Barne $131.29
Nancy Morelan $0.26
Cheryl Crumley $1.48
Walter Lee Barne $146.62
State Farm Insurance $5.53
Powell, Sherman $17
Madison, Larry $2
Madison, Larry $2
Straub, Robert $0.96
Powell, Joe $1
Leach, Phillip $1
Digiulian, Thom $2
Lamar, Mary Ell $7
Mitchell, Phil $17
Digiulian, Thom $7
Madison, Larry $2
Phillips, Gary $2
BE&K Construct $2.80
Roberts, Jeffre $2
Hale, Gary Wayn $8
Bolden, Roger $1
Ogle, Beckey $13
Eddy, Tracy $1
Stoner, Allen $2
Mahr Angelia $12
Powell, Sherman $13
Powell, Joe $4.25
Janice K. Huff $1
Madison, Larry $15
Hopkins, Emma $18
Summerford R E $2
Roberts, Jeffre $2
Hardwick, Travi $17
Langham, Charle $12
Dillard J. Tild $2
Dobbs-Ramey Ki $18.74
Viator, Donald $2
Sims, John L. Jr. $18.74
Waters, Shelly $12
McAbee, Keith $2
Lamar, Mary Ell $18.74
Powell, Joe $2
McWhorter, Robe $130.30
Free, Thomas $2
Butler, Carol $18.74
Greenwood, Jani $4
Powell, Joe $12
Chandler, Hugh $12
Chandler, Hugh $12
Ettema, Tanya $1
Powell, Joe $2

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