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Nix still faces ABI probe in Lawrence

By Sheryl Marsh · 340-2437

The former Morgan County Community Corrections director is still under investigation in a case involving alleged forgery and misappropriation of funds that belonged to a youth sports league at Hatton.

John Mays, attorney for former Director Alison Nix, confirmed Thursday that the investigation is ongoing.

“We went over there about two months ago, and she answered all their questions,” Mays said. “We’ve been over there twice, once in the past week, for interviews with law enforcement.”

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell said the Alabama Bureau of Investigation is conducting the investigation but will notify him when it’s finished.

The sports organization’s attorney, Paula Bashaam, said in June that Nix came under scrutiny as secretary/treasurer of Hatton Youth Sports Inc. Bashaam said there were discrepancies in the organization’s bank account and thousands of dollars appeared to be missing.

Mays said that in addition to answering all questions for the authorities, Nix passed a lie detector test and would be open to take another one. He said Nix is innocent.

The investigation in Lawrence is not related to Nix’s resigning under pressure in September as director of Morgan County Community Corrections.

The Daily investigated and found discrepancies in six trips for which Nix received mileage pay. She claimed she made the trips for the program, but officials in other counties and the state said she did not attend the disputed meetings.

After she was unable to prove to the Community Corrections and Court Services Commission that she made the trips, she resigned.

The commission ordered a $504 reduction from her final paycheck. The amount covered four of the disputed trips.

Morgan County authorities did not bring criminal charges against Nix.

“Based on what I know at this time, there’s no criminal investigation contemplated,” Morgan District Attorney Bob Burrell said the day Nix resigned.

Daily investigation

The Daily started looking at Nix’s travel records after finding discrepancies in travel requests she made in the program’s 2008 budget. Nix presented a detailed request for $7,500 for one trip to Perdido Beach Resort. She wanted $1,500 for lodging, $4,000 for car travel and $2,000 for registration fees. In a separate request she wanted $5,000 for a beach trip for herself and two employees.

She reduced the $7,500 trip to about $800 after The Daily questioned the proposed expenses.

Chairman John Glasscock said Nix made a mistake in filling out the travel requests forms.

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