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Man run over was accident, siblings say

By Seth Burkett · 340-2355

A man hospitalized with two broken legs said Tuesday that his sister didn’t know she had run over him with her car.

“It was totally an accident,” said Robert Key, 45, who was injured in a driveway in the 400 block of Eighth Avenue Southwest following a family gathering Friday night.

Key spoke from a regular room at Huntsville Hospital, where he is a patient.

“The last thing I remember, my sister was looking over her right shoulder backing out and I was on the driver side of the car” just before it struck him, Key said.

Morning news

Cynthia Wiggins, 41, said she didn’t realize she had backed over her brother until the following morning.

“If I had known, there’s no way I would have kept going,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said she left the residence after an ex-boyfriend showed up and started trouble.

“I was so upset, I had turned my phone off. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. The next morning, I had a text message from my friend — ‘Please come back. You accidentally ran over your brother....’ ”

Wiggins disputed information Decatur police released about the incident.

A previous news report indicated that Key had given information to police; that attribution was incorrect.

Police spokesman Frank DeButy said Tuesday that officers did not speak with Key, who was in severe pain and unable to talk, before compiling the report. The report was based on the statements of witnesses at the scene, DeButy said.

Debuty said a witness told police that Wiggins told Key to move before she backed out of the driveway.

“I never told him once to move from behind the car because I never saw him behind it,” she said.

Key said Wiggins did not tell him to move, but she had told her ex-boyfriend to move his car, which was parked behind hers.

Key said his sister is devastated over the accident and that he has been trying to calm her ever since she found out she had hit him.

DeButy said the incident remains under investigation by police.

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