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Morgan Dems reorganize, elect new officers

By Sheryl Marsh 340-2437

Leaders of the Morgan County Democratic Party say they plan to fight for local public offices in 2008 elections.

Gearing up for the races, the local party is re-organizing.

A state Democratic official was here Monday to help.

"We have worked with various political leaders across the county to put together a party representative of the county," said Jim Spearman, executive director of the state Democratic Party. "I think Morgan is a vital county, and we can build there."

The local party elected new officers for its Executive Committee at the Monday meeting. Top officers are Chairman Rex Cheatham and Vice Chairman Ernestine Elliott.

Cheatham replaces Darwin Halbrooks.

Cheatham said the group is optimistic about getting more Democratic officeholders in 2008.

"The county party has gone through some problems, and we've re-organized to build a better organization," said Cheatham.

"I think we already have some fabulous officials in District Court Judge David Breland, License Commissioner Sue Roan and the circuit judges, but we want more," said Cheatham.

"It's our goal to have a strong candidate in each race that's open in 2008. With the leadership team we've got in place, there's no doubt in my mind that we'll be able to accomplish that."

In the past two county elections, four Democratic officials crossed over to the Republican Party. All won re-election bids. In statewide races GOP candidates made sweeps as well.

Spearman said the Dem-ocratic Party locally and state-wide will strive to reverse that trend with more visibility.

"We're going to be more active than we've been in the past," said Spearman. "We're going to encourage good people to run."

State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Turnham said he feels good about the party's future success.

"The Democratic Party is getting ready at a grassroots level for 2008 and beyond, and I have seen a strong, vibrant commitment among the party faithful of Morgan County," Turnham said. "These Democrats are energized and looking forward to fielding strong candidates, raising money and working in the local community in the upcoming elections."

New officers

  • ew officers of the Democratic Party are:

  • Rex Cheatham, chairman.

  • Ernestine Elliott, vice chairman

  • George Herring, vice chairman of minority affairs

  • Will David Breland, vice chairman of youth affairs

  • Susan McMasters, secretary

  • Dot Biles, treasurer

  • Amy Burks, parliamentarian.

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