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Serving our country

  • Sgt. Jeremiah Levi Smith: U.S. Marine Corps

  • Lt. Col. Robert B. Williams: National Guard

  • Staff Sgt. Joshua Lenz: U.S. Air Force

  • Capt. Daniel Sparks: U.S. Army

  • Cpl. Jonathan La Rue: U.S. Marine Corps

  • Chief Petty Officer Josh Sharman: U.S. Navy

  • Staff Sgt. Robert Gholston: U.S. Army

  • Spc. Kirby Duke Wasson: U.S. Army

  • Pvt. Jamie L. Segars: U.S. Army

  • Spc. Michael Shelton: U.S. Army

  • Petty Officer 3rd Class David Hudson : U.S. Navy

  • Sgt. Ben Burks : U.S. Marine Corps

  • Chief Warrant Officer 2 Tony M. Van Duynhoven : U.S. Army

  • Cpl. Jeff Kyker : U.S. Marine Corps

  • Cpl. Curtis A. Bishop : U.S. Marine Corps

  • Spc. Jeff Michael : U.S. Army

  • Pfc. Christopher Edwards : U.S. Army

  • Lance Cpl. Tamara Shea Shears : U.S. Marine Corps

  • Sgt. Jantzen Frazier : U.S. Army

  • Spc. Kellen Brown : U.S. Army Reserve

  • Spc. Nicolas Simon : U.S. Army

  • Sgt. 1st Class Harold Pearson : U.S. Army National Guard

  • Sgt. Maj. Chuckie G. Brackins : U.S. Army

  • Pfc. Andy McGee : U.S. Army National Guard

  • Spc. Megan Gillespie : U.S. Army

  • Cpl. George Merritt : U.S. Marine Corps

  • Sgt. Ian Sean Winsett : U.S. Marine Corps

  • 2nd Lt. Todd Eaves : U.S. Army

  • 1st Sgt. John W. Black : U.S. Army

  • Sgt. Maj. Gary L. Payne : U.S. Army

  • Cpl. Jay Winton Jr. : U.S. Marine Corps

  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Brandon Blevins: U.S. Navy

  • Lt. Col. Kevin D. Clotfelter: Air National Guard

  • Spc. Christopher Wade Posey: U.S. Army

  • Cpl. Megan Gillespie: U.S. Army

  • Capt. Foster E. Knowles: U.S. Army

  • Sgt. Andrew B. Sivley: U.S. Army

  • Sgt. 1st Class Vince Lamberti: U.S. Army

  • Pfc. Blake Hokett: U.S. Army

  • Lance Cpl. James Clayton Love: U.S. Marine Corps

  • Spc. Jeffrey David Marksberry: U.S. Army National Guard

  • 2nd Lt. Jeffrey S. Hartsfield: U.S. Army Reserves

  • Pfc. Thomas Whitney Terry: U.S. Army

  • Staff Sgt. Presley Shane Watson: U.S. Army

  • Spc. Jeffrey David Marksberry: U.S. Army

  • Sgt. 1st Class Jonathan: U.S. Army Reserves

  • Spc. Bianca Henderson: U.S. Army

  • Staff Sgt. Eric Moczulski: U.S. Army

  • Sgt. Jason Brightwell: U.S. Army National Guard

  • Sgt. Zachery Ferrell: U.S. Army

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