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TVA deserves credit for expanding wind farm

While the Tennessee Valley Authority is making progress on the restart of Unit 1 at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, another TVA sector is quietly going about it's business of putting out cheap power.

Quietly may not be the proper word for the results, as the windmills producing the power make a "whooshing" sound as they go about generating energy.

Although the units are expensive, the energy they produce comes from the wind at no cost, unlike goal, gas or even nuclear power production. It ranks right down there with hydroelectric power as far as costs go.

It's also worthwhile pointing out that the $30 million project was funded with money from private sources, not adding to the money TVA currently owes.

TVA officials should take a bow for expanding the Oliver Springs, Tenn., wind farm to 18 windmills. What started as an eco-experiment has proved to be a good way to produce clean power. The 18 units can now produce enough power to provide electricity to 3,000 homes.

When it first opened atop Buffalo Mountain with three turbines in 2001, the South's first commercial wind farm produced a mere 2 megawatts of electricity, enough for just 360 homes.

The expansion is expected to help erase a supply deficit in TVA's Green Power Switch renewable energy program, leaving a surplus that could be sold to other utilities.

It's worth going to TVA's Website to read about this move to what may be a big part of our future. Check out

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