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Coach Tuberville right about BCS football polls

To anyone who would listen and even to those who didn't want to hear his plea, Auburn University's head football Coach Tommy Tuberville said his Tigers belonged in the national championship game in the Orange Bowl.

The Oklahoma Sooners proved the coach 100 percent right Tuesday night when they took an embarrassing 55-19 whipping from the Southern Cal Trojans.

The Sooners, voted No. 2 in the controversial Bowl Championship Series rankings, didn't belong on the field with Southern Cal, which picked up the national championship after sharing the title last year.

Southern Cal's drubbing of Oklahoma raises serious doubts about the accuracy of the polls and raises the question: Is there a better way to crown a champion?

Whether the 2004 Tigers would have beaten Southern Cal on Tuesday night in Miami is good fodder for those avid fans who favor a playoff system.

Auburn was amazing this year. Perhaps, they are the best Tiger team ever. Even if they are not, it is a shame they didn't get to test the Southern Cal Trojans.

A playoff system, some say, is the only way to crown a true champion. The logistics of doing that would be a much greater challenge than in other sports because a 13-game August-to-December season is already too long for athletes who are supposed to be students first.

Perhaps colleges and universities should consider going back to making their own bowl deals and let the naming of a mythical national champion be open to a year-long debate.

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