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Let voters decide Sunday sales, draft beer questions

Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages don't appear to harm the moral fiber of the people of Huntsville and Madison. So why are Decatur's people so different?

They are not. But people here tend to be a bit more conservative than those in the cities across the river and to the east.

When Decatur voted to sell alcoholic beverages more than 20 years ago, the so-called wet forces thought they would give foes less ammunition to defeat a referendum if there were no Sunday sales.

The issue is up again at the state level but would affect Decatur. The Decatur Convention and Visitors Bureau on Tuesday called for the local legislative delegation to support putting Sunday sales to another referendum.

That is the proper way to proceed with this matter. Decatur residents voted in alcoholic sales and they should be the ones who decide on Sunday sales, not the politicians.

A referendum would give voters the opportunity to decide if they want the convenience of Sunday sales and if they wish to keep the weekend taxes from alcohol here.

The dry forces don't speak for the majority of the city but a referendum would give them the opportunity to test their influence to prevent these sales.

Voters also should have a way to express their desire for draft beer. The requests for draft beer here go ignored year after year.

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