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Meals on Wheels a way to help deserving people

In some places, Meals on Wheels consists of frozen dinners delivered a week's worth at a time.

But not in Morgan County where the annual fund-raising campaign for this worthy program is under way at THE DAILY.

The 440 elderly and homebound clients of Meals on Wheels have hot meals delivered five days a week and with a personal touch. The food for the body comes with nourishment for the soul and spirit.

Some 100 volunteers deliver the meals and spend time talking about little things or things that weigh heavily on the recipients.

People who argue that they don't give to charities because they never see their money at work, need to come to the Meals on Wheels building on Fourth Avenue Southeast to witness the preparation and delivery of these meals.

Better yet, skeptics should volunteer to deliver a few meals to see how important these visits are to the clients.

The program gets no state or federal funds and Meals on Wheels needs more than $100,000 in contributions this year to maintain its level of service.

Please make a contribution and urge your church, your Sunday school class and civic club to give generously this year.

Meals on Wheels is a totally local program. So, send your checks to THE DECATUR DAILY, P.O. Box 2213, Decatur, AL. 35609-2213, or bring your cash into the office.

Together, let's keep this good thing going.

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