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Most of us hope we would do the same

Gloria Ricks is the Golden Rule personified.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday Ms. Ricks saw an angry woman wielding a butcher knife chase another woman who had been visiting the alleged attacker's ex-boyfriend at a Southwest Decatur apartment complex.

The man was walking his visitor, who was carrying a 1-year-old child, to his car when the chase occurred, police and Ms. Ricks said.

Ms. Ricks, who was visiting a relative, could have continued with her own business rather than inject herself into a volatile, dangerous situation. It was a cold, wet evening and she was not familiar with the parties involved in the domestic dispute.

But when the mother dropped her infant in the mud during the mayhem, Ms. Ricks got involved. She picked up the child and, due to confusion on the part of the assailant, police said, soon found herself the object of the attacker. Ms. Ricks, suffering a cut on her head from the knife and, with the infant in her arms and the attacker swinging a weapon, fell to the ground, cutting her lip.

Ms. Ricks, a security guard, kicked the assailant away and escaped with the baby into her relative's home.

The man, who police said was also attacked, eventually subdued the assailant.

Although Ms. Ricks sustained a 3- to 4-inch cut that required staples and stitches in her scalp, and pain medication, the grateful mother and her child escaped harm and eventually reunited, police said.

Ms. Ricks does not regret getting involved.

"You would want somebody to do the same for you," she said.

That is unquestionably true.

And most of us would at least like to think that, in a similar situation, we would do the same.

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