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Calhoun training offer one to consider seriously

A person without a job needs all the assistance available in getting on with life. The best help aside from getting hired is to get training.

Being out of work after 20 years of reporting to the job every day is bewildering and frightening. But the worst thing a long-time worker can do after being terminated is to do nothing.

Calhoun Community College wants to help the approximately 500 company and contract employees leaving Solutia to prepare for their next jobs.

The state board of education is allowing Calhoun to reduce its $72 per credit-hour tuition by half for certain Solutia workers to make retraining courses more readily available to them.

Calhoun's offer is restricted to Solutia workers who are not eligible to receive funding under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 or are not eligible for other programs.

Many of the workers may think they are too old to start school again, but its never too late to get more education. Solutia's Acrilan fiber business has gone elsewhere and Calhoun has the expertise to help these workers train for new jobs.

Even those not eligible for the generous offer may find it to their benefit to enroll at Calhoun. Jobs don't knock on the door, so there is no need to wait to see what is going to happen next.

Registration for the summer session begins May 2 for classes that begin May 24. People who are interested in enrolling should call Wayne Tosh, director of admissions, at 306-2595, or Jim Swindell, assistant dean for technology, at 306-2539.

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