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FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2005


National pastime belongs in our nation's capital

Our national pastime was to return to our nation's capital for the first time in nearly 35 years Thursday night as the Washington Nationals — formerly the Montreal Expos — hosted the city's first regular-season major league game since the Senators packed up and headed to Texas in 1971.

Amid the celebration, there are some ironies to consider.

For instance, just a year ago the team that now calls Washington, D.C., home — and calls itself the Nationals — played more than 20 of its home games in Puerto Rico and its remaining home games in Montreal, Canada, where English is not the primary language.

Another interesting note: When the Senators left for Texas after the 1971 season, they became known as the Texas Rangers. That franchise was later owned by none other than George W. Bush, now a prominent resident of Washington.

The former franchise was proud to bear the name Senators. But, given the current political climate, we can't blame the current ownership for passing on that moniker.

It is good to have baseball back in our nation's capital.

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