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FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2005


Pedagogic Nancy Worley sent to principal's office

Nancy Worley ruled the classroom during her days as a teacher at Decatur High School.

She then whipped the Alabama Education Association into shape during her tenures as its president.

Ms. Worley is a strong personality, a tough-minded teacher who now wants state government shaped to her liking. She wants the best and is willing to work for excellence.

So, against that background she's inherited the highly politicized voter registrars to reform as part of her duties as secretary of state.

But so much turmoil exists in the ranks that a fellow Democrat, Rep. Leslie Vance of Phenix City, introduced a bill to take away her control over registrars, which she has had since 2003. The bill died in committee this week because federal law gives her control, but not without good advice from another fellow Democrat, Rep. Ken Guin of Carbon Hill.

He noted that her office lacks people skills. And that's a shame because she is a talented and dedicated public servant who wants state elections squeaky clean and efficient.

One problem she's having is that previously registrars were independent. Coming under her close supervision is, no doubt, a workplace shock for many of them who see their office as a reward for supporting a winning governor, agriculture commissioner or state auditor.

Politicians without people skills are rare individuals, and those who make it to public office have short tenures.

Ease up, Nancy, and hopefully stay around for another term.

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