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SUNDAY, MAY 8, 2005


Bullying takes great toll on young people

The two-part series in THE DAILY last week about bullying in high schools probably took many of us back some years to our own experiences.

A lot of people had the unpleasant experience of being "picked on."

And, like so many youngsters today, we lacked the proper verbal skills to stop people from picking on us.

Many people, especially boys, squared things after school. Guys loved a good fistfight.

Emily McMackin's articles revealed that bullying is a serious problem in area schools and that many youngsters still suffer from the pain that goes with pranks, teasing and other putdowns that debase the human spirit.

A group of Priceville High School students took on the issue through their Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club because they are tired of bullying.

They brought the FCCLA's "Break the Silence, Stop the Violence" program to their classmates, which is an excellent way to raise awareness of what differentiates bullying from good natured horseplay.

Hopefully, these students' actions will motivate other schools to make a stronger effort to handle this age-old problem that infects the human spirit and causes violence and shatters self-esteem.

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