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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2005


Taking meth ingredients off shelf a needed law

The state Senate might have not been able to pass a General Fund budget on the last night of its regular session May 16, but it did something that is perhaps more important.

Hopefully, a bill it passed will put a serious dent in methamphetamine labs that crank out the illegal drug at an alarming rate.

Gov. Bob Riley signed the bill this week that makes meth's main ingredients, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, more difficult to obtain.

After July 1, retailers must keep sinus medications that have these two chemicals as their sole ingredients behind a counter or in a locked case.

Customers will be limited to two packages, and must show identification and sign for the medication.

Compounds that have additional ingredients will also be restricted, but customers won't have to show identification or sign to purchase them.

Meth is extremely popular with some people because it is relatively easy and inexpensive to make, and the ingredients are as close as the supermarket counter.

This law, of course, puts retailers on the front line in an effort to stop this deadly conversion of good medicines into something sinister.

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