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SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2005


Flag amendment bad change to Constitution

Tuesday is Flag Day and another opportunity for the United States to get in bed with the enemy.

You wouldn't think so, being that Flag Day is filled with patriotism, and a day when emotions about Old Glory run high.

Flag Day, though, is when myopic members of Congress feel that deep stirring inside them which they mistake for pride and try to pass the flag desecration amendment.

If they are ever successful, the United States will be in a group of dishonorable nations that includes China, Cuba, Iran and Iraq. Each of these totalitarian states, two of which our president says are members of the Axis of Evil, limit individual freedom of its citizens to "protect" the honor of the state.

The United States has never amended the cherished Bill of Rights, but this bill would do that to satisfy people who confuse dissent with anarchy and treason.

The amendment was introduced Jan. 25 in the House of Representatives. It says: "The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States."

Presumably that doesn't included lying on the beach in a flag bikini, wearing a flag T shirt or wearing the flag across a wide bottom filling jeans. The list could go on.

Mostly, they are just against burning.

The bill hasn't come up yet this year but it will. Let's hope Congress again has the good sense to vote it down.

China, Cuba, Iran and Iraq are afraid of their people. They don't want them to have freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom to assemble.

It is ironic that if we pass this amendment we will be in league with a country with which we are now at war.

Another irony is that people who champion the conservative movement in this country, and this amendment, are now the advocates of big government and more restrictions on the American people.

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