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FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2005


Money for Point Mallard is down the Toilet Bowl

Talk to children who have visited the new and improved Point Mallard Aquatic Park this summer and you'll hear few of the words that clutter grown-up debates.

You'll hear no talk of budgets, financial independence or net profit. Projected deficits and secondary revenue will not leave their icee-stained lips.

What you will hear from giggling gaggles of sunburned children are screams of delight and enthusiastic requests for a return visit tomorrow.

Another term you will not hear is "Space Bowl," even though that is the name of a new and expensive slide installed before the season started. Those children who have braved the swirling plunge talk about it plenty, but affectionately label it the "Toilet Bowl."

They also applaud the new pool decks and walkways, which they explain are gentler on their water-wrinkled toes. A revamped food facility gives them a break from the sun and a better choice of eats. Although most say they miss the ice cream bar.

Grown-ups would probably do well to mingle a bit with our enthusiastic juniors before the next city budget talks begin.

We might decide money flushed down the Toilet Bowl is money well spent.

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