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FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2005


GOP having difficult time with immigration

State Republicans wishing to remain in lock step with their conservative president find his stand on illegal immigration perplexing.

The state Executive Committee passed a strongly worded resolution last weekend that called for sealing the country's borders against the flood of illegal immigrants.

Freddy Ard, who chairs the Resolutions Committee, rushed to say that the party isn't at odds with the president's overall policies. He was careful to say the Alabama resolution is in line with those passed in many other states.

Hugh McInnish of Huntsville, a former congressional candidate, stirred the pot of potential discord when he offered the strongly worded resolution. It was Ok for him to be concerned with terrorists slipping in, but he touched a tender spot when he mentioned the burden illegals place on taxpayers.

Both Democrats and Republicans should stand strongly for legal immigration and eagerly welcome new people to America.

But the Republicans shouldn't apologize for seeming to be out of lock step with the administration on what we, even here in Decatur, see happening to our culture and our tax dollars.

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