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Ice cream truck brings goodies and memories

More than half a century ago, few things brought more joy to city youngsters in the summertime than the iceman, unless it was the ice cream truck.

And nothing griped parents more than having to hand over the nickels to pay for the ice cream. That, of course, was when a nickel was a nickel and wages were as depressed as prices.

The iceman was generous with his chunks that fell off as he custom chiseled a block for families yet without an electric refrigerator. Like the ice cream man, the ice truck was part of the community routine.

Those two events came to mind as Decatur City Council this week settled a mild controversy over granting Pawel Adamczwski a franchise to operate his ice cream truck in city neighborhoods.

To those people of a certain age, still hearing the faint tinkering of the ice cream truck bell is no strain on the imagination. It was a call to an adolescent social hour, a diversion from the heat of the long, hot summer for youngsters on the block.

It is nice to have the ice cream truck still around and even better that youngsters continue to be drawn to this neighborhood event that helps create intimacy within a community.

The iceman no longer needs to make house calls, but the ice cream truck still calls out to new generations, and they eagerly respond.

In voting 4-1, with Ray Metzger voting against granting the franchise, council members went with a tradition that today has parents shaking many more coins from their pockets to pay the bill.

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