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No-kill animal shelter reveals a shining soul

How we relate to the powerful says little about our character. How we relate to the vulnerable reveals our soul.

Glenda Short's soul is looking right noble as her recently opened no-kill animal shelter at 1608 Fourth Ave. S.E., facilitates the humane treatment of animals orphaned from their owners.

The Animal Friends Humane Society shelter will consider pets for a temporary stay until a new owner comes seeking a four-legged companion. The shelter provides a humane environment for its occupants and improves the likelihood of adoption.

Until the no-kill shelter opened, most owners who gave up their pets had to leave them at the city shelter with no guarantee of the animal's survival.

Not only is Ms. Short's soul shining, her actions have helped those who must give up a pet to do so without guilt.

The new shelter cannot accept all animals. By accepting only those animals with a reasonable chance of adoption, its staff maximizes its effectiveness.

There are times when putting an animal to sleep is the only option. The city shelter's staff carries the unpleasant burden of caring for abandoned animals, some of which arrive neglected and unadoptable. Euthanization is the only way to spare these animals from a miserable life of starvation.

Even a sparrow's fall to the ground attracts divine attention. We have no doubt that Ms. Short's efforts are likewise the object of attention and approval.

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