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Lawrence County should rethink rebel monument

Diehard rebels will disagree, but there was no mission more noble than preserving the Union and doing away with slavery.

Sure, we still chaff from having lost the Civil War, and bristle at the word "Yankee," even if in jest.

But what kind of nation, or nations, would we be if the Union had not prevailed?

Standing separately, the Union would not have become a world power. Neither would the Confederacy. Both nations would be subservient to Europe and Asia. Neither may have been the dominant nation of North America.

Standing alone, both nations would be vulnerable to foreign attacks.

Thus, if Lawrence County wants to erect a Civil War monument on the courthouse square, it should do so to the people who preserved the Union and reunited its people into the greatest power ever known on earth.

But the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Moulton this week sold the County Commission on a monument to Confederate veterans. The compromise of honoring soldiers from both sides lost out as a bad idea. It was as if sculpted together, the Blues and the Grays might take up arms again.

How refreshing it would be if we could put down our swords of resentment that divide our people, and agree on a thoughtful monument that honors the soldiers from both sides.

Our side gave 'em a good fight, but in the end, the other side saved us from becoming a second- rate power and from something far worse — slavery.

The idea to honor only Confederate soldiers is a bad idea because it leaves the impression we continue to embrace what we know was morally wrong.

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