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Restoring Star Theater huge plus for Moulton

Moulton City Council members are scheduled Monday to consider buying the long-closed Star Theater and giving it new life.

But before they do, some members must get over being miffed at the way Mayor Ray "Red" Alexander went about bringing the proposal to them. He called them together Thursday to discuss buying the old building for $12,500. That evidently was the first time council members had discussed the proposal in about a year, when the purchase price was $80,000.

Some council members feel the mayor had an obligation to inform them that the project still had life. Perhaps so, but he apparently didn't want to give them information until he had a deal to present for ratification.

Getting the price lowered, getting local business people to agree to help with restoration and sending out feelers about government grants should earn the mayor a pat on the back.

The council has plenty of time to consider the proposal, the public knows of it in advance of a vote and the mayor obviously didn't go around the Open Meetings Law to line up votes, which is illegal.

Restoring old theaters is popular throughout the state. Like Decatur's Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts, The Star can become a showplace in Moulton while it draws people to the town square. If council members need more than a long weekend to consider the plan, rather than kill it, they should commit to consider it at a meeting in the near future.

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