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Proud nation supports soldiers in war zone

Army Spc. Raymond White looks a little older than 22 when you look at his picture in Thursday's edition of the newspaper. Maybe that is because he shared so eloquently with writer Ronnie Thomas a glimpse of what United States soldiers face each day in Iraq. Those experiences make young people mature quickly.

Maybe it's because so many of his peers are busy finishing their college degrees or leading a carefree life known to the poets as salad days, and simply don't seem to be his age.

Soldier White leaves Sunday to return to the war after 14 days at home in Decatur. He was anxious to get back to his buddies, anxious to resume his duties. He's a third-generation soldier.

His is a mission of finding the dreaded improvised explosive devices that are so deadly and crippling. He thinks he will make sergeant when he gets back to Iraq.

He's a proud young man. His country called, he answered and he's doing his duty.

How could anyone suggest that people against the war don't support the thousands of soldiers who face the dangers of war every day and every night?

They are excellent soldiers. They are brave and committed to helping stabilize Iraq in the post-Saddam Hussein era.

Hopefully, the nation is coming to understand that it can separate its support for the troops from the politics that sent them into Iraq.

Regardless of the outcome in Iraq, our guys on the ground there are a heck of a group in which the nation takes immense pride. They are the best.

We wish Spc. White well as he returns and we join with millions across the country who want the war turned over to the Iraqis so all our soldiers may come home.

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