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Predicting snow here more miss than hit

Unless you are Harry Whittington, most of us really didn't care about dodging the bullet coming our way over the weekend.

We're talking here about snow in the Tennessee Valley and not the birdshot Vice President Dick Cheney fired into his quail-hunting companion in Texas on Saturday.

Some people excepted, but many of us, young and old, looked forward to the weekend forecast of snow that was to be not too much and not too little, but just right.

Had it shown up Friday night as predicted, left 1 inch or 2 and then continued as showers Saturday, it would have been about right to get people back to work on Monday without much trouble.

Some people, of course, didn't want snow because it is an inconvenience and potential hazard. Results of THE DAILY'S fun on-line poll asking about snow were overwhelmingly in favor of a pile of snow. We asked if those participating wanted no snow, 2, 4 or 6 inches. Only 17 percent, or 61 voters, said they wanted no snow.

National Weather Service meteorologist Loren Marz said much of the Alabama portion of the Valley "dodged a bullet" in missing out on an inch or 2 of snow because temperatures remained a degree or two above freezing.

Predicting snow here apparently is about as unpredictable as in which direction the vice president will fire his shotgun. Like his hunting partners, we just need to stay prepared.

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