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SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2006


Salute to Falkville teens for making prom happen

If all goes as planned, this time Friday a small group of Falkville High School students will be in Bay St. Louis, Miss., getting ready for a Saturday night prom.

The nine students and the adults making the trip won't forget this prom, nor will the students at Bay High School who could easily have passed up the big dance this year.

The Falkville students wanted to do something to ease the continued suffering of their peers in an area that Hurricane Katrina devastated.

To do that, the students scrimped on their homecoming and raised money for the trip. They managed to round up 100 prom dresses and sent them down to the Gulf Coast last week, where getting a party dress isn't easy amid the storm rubble.

The students at Bay High School at one time thought they might not get to participate in this school tradition. Now, they're getting ready.

There is nothing like a new dress or a spiffy tuxedo and a big party to lift sagging spirits. But knowing that someone else cared, not just about your survival, but wants to contribute to your happiness, jacks spirits even higher.

The students making the trip don't get all the credit. The entire school is caught up in helping Bay High get back.


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