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Georgia representative embarrassing herself

Some black people who are quick to bring up racial issues don't do so intentionally, they do so because of the burden of history. They simply can't help reacting in that way.

Even after segregation walls tumbled and equal opportunity showed up, some can't get past the heavy weight of slavery.

We'd like to believe that Georgia Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney hasn't caused a racial flap on Capital Hill just for the heck of doing so. Yet, it is difficult to understand how someone with her success so easily tunes in to supposed racial slights. Georgia voters elected her to an important position. She is an achiever. She's respected, although perhaps less today than a week ago when the incident occurred.

When Capitol Police failed to recognize her as she entered a House office building and asked that she stop, she blew up. An officer grabbed her and she slugged him.

Her premise is that despite not wearing a pin that identifies her as a member of Congress, the officer should have recognized her, even with her new hairdo. Failure to recognize her and challenging her entry into the building constituted racism, she said.

Her Democratic peers for the most part have the good sense to stay out of the flap as Republicans rally to support the Capital Police.

The congresswoman was way out of bounds and still is if she continues her silly protest. She of all people should accept that the rules apply to her, too. She may not like strict Capitol security but she would like getting blown up even less.

Perhaps federal prosecutors should go ahead and file assault charges against Ms. McKinney. That might rein in her twisted ego.

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