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SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2006


Government, not vigilantes, should resolve illegals issue

Two things were certain in connection with the illegal immigrant issue:

  • The massive street demonstrations in favor of illegal immigrants that Hispanics continue to stage would cause a public backlash.
  • People prone to racial bias would begin acting like hoodlums in the vacuum of state and federal leadership.

    Thus, it is no surprise, but still disappointing that two recent incidents in Decatur are labeled as bigotry.

    Both involved local Hispanic churches in incidents their officials interpreted as hostility toward the wave of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America countries.

    One involved a man coming to the House of Prayer on Sherman Street Southeast and telling the Colombian minister, "We hate you Mexicans."

    The other occurred last week at La Casa Del Pueblo De Dios on 14th Street Southeast, where vandals sprayed paint on windows and the door.

    The growing tensions between U.S. citizens and the flood of illegal immigrants will continue to build until government takes action to stop the wholesale disregard for American law. That, however, does not mean Americans should resort to acts of violence or intimidation.

    The answer is at the ballot box, and this issue is building to a climax as the nation gets ready to elect a new Congress and Alabamians vote for governor and legislators.

    Hispanics are here because of a tacit agreement they have had with U.S. governments that, as long as they stay out of trouble, they will be allowed to work in this country.

    So, don't blame these people for the problem. Blame government, and look to government for the proper relief.

    In the meanwhile, groups assisting illegal immigrants to assimilate into the American fabric should help these bewildered people understand why their presence here is such an issue.

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