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TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2006


President's call on Guard is too little, much too late

President Bush's call for National Guard troops to take up positions along the Mexican border is a quick fix to resolve a political crisis within his Republican Party.

The president Monday night told the nation that the troops would be in support roles for border guards.

That might head off an impasse with follow Republicans but it's not going to go over well throughout the country.

Americans already think the president abused and perverted the National Guard's role in defending the country. Most Americans think the Guard is overextended because of service in Iraq.

But most Americans are more skeptical of giving illegal immigrants work permits to take low-paying jobs in this country.

Most Americans also wonder about the legitimacy of worker permits. The government says that forging of identification is commonplace and that it is impossible to tell who is a legal worker and who isn't.

Would these work permits be any better?

The only way to resolve this crisis is to give guest workers foolproof identification and then make employers responsible for whom they hire.

American Express, Visa, MasterCard and a variety of other companies operate worldwide and manage to keep integrity in their products.

The president must convince Americans he will issue near-foolproof cards and pledge strict enforcement for voters to support his plan.

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