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FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2006


Lighten up, 'Da Vinci Code' critics; it's fiction

Everywhere you look it seems these days, another expert is debunking "The Da Vinci Code," a major motion picture slated for release today based on the blockbuster novel by Dan Brown.

"The Da Vinci Code" follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon's quest to solve the murder of the Louvre museum's curator. His investigation uncovers an ancient, ongoing plot by a religious sect to destroy proof that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, they had children and their descendants are alive today.

Blogs, magazines and television have been packed lately with "experts" debunking the story. Even legitimate news sources — even churches — have jumped on the "beat down Dan Brown" bandwagon.

The film's Bombay debut may even be delayed as India's information and broadcasting ministry ponders hundreds of complaints, including a request by a Catholic group that the film be banned.

It is a tribute to Mr. Brown's achievement that millions of readers have digested his thriller. Hopefully, they won't forget that it's fiction.

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