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FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2006


Hartselle taking thrill out of city's Thrill Hill

Modern roads don't have those little dips that can send your heart into your throat and give motorists a brief sensation of weightlessness.

Of themselves, these dips are not dangerous, but when motorists add speed to the equation the results can be disastrous.

Those spots still exist and become known and experienced through word of mouth advertising, just as Hartselle's Thrill Hill lures young motorists looking for an innocent thrill.

But come the end of the month, Thrill Hill will have a couple of speed humps that will slow motorists considerably, plus other safety features.

Hopefully, the speed breakers, warnings, rail guards and lighting will prevent another death on Thrill Hill.

Austin High School student Patrick Haley, 16, was a passenger in a vehicle that left Moss Chapel Road at Thrill Hill and rammed a culvert. He died at the scene.

The city's choices were to do nothing, close the road or use the recommendations of consulting engineer Darrell Skipper.

If all the devices work, word will get around that the thrill is gone from Thrill Hill. More importantly, former City Councilman Frank Jones, who lives on Moss Chapel Road, won't be answering the door any more and seeing a bloody teenager begging for help.

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