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TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2006


Rose Garden fills need for Decatur residents

The movie, "Field of Dreams," is built on the premise that if you build it they will come. In the movie, it is a baseball field carved from an Iowa cornfield that lures some of history's greatest players who've made it to that great stadium in the sky.

They are coming to Delano Park Rose Garden in Decatur's Albany district, too. But the people who come are local residents who evidently thirsted for the aesthetics that the Friends of Delano Park worked diligently to put in place.

Travel by the garden any day and just about at any time and the chances of seeing people there are good. You might even see a bride picking her way through grass to get to the garden.

Thus, the need for rules that some people might suggest are elitist are in reality needed to preserve the reborn garden.

The list is long and detailed and includes setting a limit on 50 people attending weddings. There's also a rental fee and other requirements.

Nell Standridge is a member of the Delano board and sees a need to educate people about experiencing the beauty and serenity of the garden.

"We don't want people to feel like we don't want them to use the garden. In this setting, there are certain things that are appropriate," she said.

Indeed. Her point is a good one.

Hopefully, the popularity of the Rose Garden isn't lost on City Hall, where some people believe that things of beauty are luxuries.

But, people know the world's greatest cities best for their gardens, parks and fountains that nourish the human spirit. Let's help preserve the Rose Garden and hope that its popularity encourages City Hall to participate in other, similar projects.

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