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Why the GOP pounds harder this election year

An adage says that when a lawyer doesn't have a good case, he beats harder on the lectern to impress jurors.

That's what conservative Republicans in Congress are doing with their efforts to ban flag burning.

The proposed amendment to the Constitution failed in the Senate on Tuesday.

The GOP is afraid its disgruntled supporters may not show up at the polls this fall unless it resurrects some of the old standby issues like flag burning, abortion, gun control and the Ten Commandments.

Hopefully, voters will be more interested in high gasoline prices, inflation, illegal immigration, corruption in the federal government, the war President Bush started, the record national debt, and why the administration is so keen on limiting personal freedoms and invading Americans' privacy.

The amendment is an attempt to divert voters attention from the skyrocketing medical care costs, the shaky future of Social Security and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

The GOP wants voters to forget that Republicans in Congress are pushing for total elimination of the estate tax while opposing a moderate increase in the minimum wage.

Conservatives know that fear is a great motivator. Thus they will push their fear list in hopes of keeping control of Congress.

Flag burning is despicable, yet it does absolutely nothing to damage national security or national well being. But banning it would take away a means for staging peaceful dissent.

Hopefully, a majority of voters will weigh the Republican "American Values Agenda" against the meat and potato issues the nation faces and demand solutions to why so many Americans see their standard of living eroding under this Congress and this administration.

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