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JonBenet’s death touched people for many reasons

When first taken into custody in Thailand last week, John Mark Karr replied "No" to a reporter's question that asked if he is innocent of killing JonBenet Ramsey.

Since that time, opinions as to his guilt have bounced around like a rubber ball. He really seems to be a whacko. He said he was guilty, but then his ex-wife said he wasn't in Colorado a decade ago when the 6-year-old beauty queen daughter of John and Pasty Ramsey died in the basement of their Boulder home.

The case captured America's attention for several reasons. The murder was committed in an affluent neighborhood. Pictures of JonBenet competing in beauty pageants suggested less than a normal childhood. The Police Department reportedly botched the investigation. And when no other suspects appeared, the parents and JonBenet's brother became suspect.

Sadly, Patsy Ramsey died of cancer June 24 without knowing for sure that the person police had under surveillance was the murderer.

One attorney said that Mr. Karr "marches to the beat of a different drummer," meaning that authorities are still trying to figure out what makes the man tick. Some people speculate that he is mentally unstable and may even be a publicity seeker. Others say he is extremely bright and articulate and wants a "more accurate and complete" portrayal of whatever he's done and what he eventually says.

Hopefully, that day will come sooner than later and John Ramsey and his son can begin to live again.

What an awful decade of hell the family suffered since that Dec. 26, 1996, night when the Ramsey family's American dream turned into a situation worse than a nightmare.

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