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Lack of candidates may support Dwight Jett Jr.

The Decatur school board now has good reason to appoint the wife of member Dwight Jett Jr. to fill his position while he serves in Iraq. That is, if the board gets to make the appointment.

School board President Dr. Charles Elliott gave people living in Mr. Jett's Southwest Fourth District ample time to apply for what should be a temporary position. Only his wife, Karen, did so by Wednesday's deadline. And she is the person Mr. Jett requested to fill in for him while he's on active duty with the National Guard for the next 12 to 18 months.

That no one else who lives within the district applied could mean that voters are satisfied with Mr. Jett's service and feel his wife will be a proper surrogate for his views. That no one else applied could mean that residents in the district feel a patriotic obligation to honor Mr. Jett's wish that his wife serve.

But who makes the appointment?

The attorney general's office apparently is more wrapped up in getting incumbent Troy King elected to a full term than in answering what appears to be a straightforward question:

Does the City Council or the school board make the appointment?

Officials may view the appointment as an opportune time to name someone who will bring better harmony to the workings of the school board. Yet, harmony isn't always a positive force.

When the answer to who makes the selection eventually comes, the appointing authority should weigh heavily the lack of candidates for the job.

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