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Two statewide races
will produce fireworks

From Gov. Bob Riley’s perspective, 2006 couldn’t be a better election year for him thus far. He cruised through the Republican primary against former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and now his Democratic opponent isn’t causing him any sleepless nights.

Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley’s campaign just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. In the primary, Ms. Baxley said the sounds coming from the corruption trial of her opponent, former Gov. Don Siegelman in Montgomery drowned out her message.

She can’t say that about the Riley campaign because it, too, is putting people to sleep. He’s running virtually unchallenged.

But two races promise spectacular fireworks before the Nov. 7 General Election. Watch for the race between Secretary of State Nancy Worley and state Auditor Beth Chapman to get nasty.

In a speech by President Truman attacking the Republicans during the 1948 presidential campaign a supporter yelled out, “Give ’em hell, Harry!” He replied, “I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s hell.”

Ms. Chapman is poised to tell the truth about Ms. Worley’s controversial record and you might call it hell. Hint: She can’t think of one good thing Ms. Worley accomplished in four years.

Ms. Worley, a former Decatur High teacher, spread the word early that she plans to respond aggressively to negative advertising.

The latest statewide poll shows Ms. Worley with a 1-point lead.

Then there is the lieutenant governor’s race between Republican Luther Strange and former Gov. Jim Folsom Jr.

This race is about the future. The winner can be expected to be a candidate for governor four years from now when there will be no incumbent running.

Mr. Folsom’s sat in the governor’s chair. He liked it. Mr. Strange would like the opportunity. The same statewide poll showed them even with 43 percent of the votes.

Another hint of things to come: Mr. Folsom said this week that the last thing Alabama needs in Montgomery is another lobbyist.

Mr. Strange is a Washington lobbyist.

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