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Partisan bickering oversimplifies war, leads to no solution

The idea that there is a dramatic split along party lines on the long-term goal for Iraq, espoused by leaders in both parties, is a gross oversimplification. It also promises to make progress in the Iraq war even less likely than it is now.

The Democrats, say many Republicans, want to "cut and run," to immediately withdraw troops. The Republicans, say many Democrats, are warmongers determined to stay in Iraq for the duration.

The truth is, both sides want out of Iraq. Both sides want to leave Iraq as a stable nation capable of suppressing terrorism within its borders.

It's a lot easier to blame the other party than it is to come up with an effective strategy for a horribly complex problem. The issue is no longer whether we should have gone into Iraq. We did. The issue is who has a workable solution for extricating us from an increasingly bloody quagmire.

Painting political opponents as extremists does nothing to expedite a responsible withdrawal from Iraq. We need ideas. We need politicians who can work together to find a solution to a common problem. What party the best idea comes from — what planet it comes from, for that matter — should not be a concern.

American voters want to exit Iraq in a way that leaves the nation stable and self-sufficient. We need our leaders to quit the partisan cheap shots and get to work on how to accomplish that bipartisan goal.

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