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New speaker-elect has much at stake

Voters were warned during the run up to the general election that, if Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, a terrible thing would happen.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California would become speaker of the House and second in succession to the presidency.

Thursday, Democrats made Rep. Pelosi the first female to be elevated to such a high position in public office when they named her speaker-elect.

It is strange how women who challenge male domination of politics take on demon-like characteristics in some political circles.

Aside from being a politician who is long-winded, Ms. Pelosi has all of the tools it takes to make things work in Congress.

She's smart, she's energetic, she's determined, and she wears well among colleagues. Even more important during this culture of corruption, she's not tainted.

Some people simply don't like pushy Democratic women. She's pushy.

She's also the daughter of a former Maryland mayor from whom she learned about public service. Her brother also served as Baltimore's mayor.

She married successfully, raised her family and is now a devoted grandmother who makes sure she has time for her family. Her sixth grandchild was born this week, but her daughter told Rep. Pelosi to stay out of the delivery room.

It's a shame the ''family values" phrase got trampled so badly by repugnant behavior, because she truly epitomizes family life.

Sen. Hillary Clinton continues to suffer from the same anti-female syndrome that's part of our society.

Perhaps those who detest the speaker-elect so vehemently should remember Rep. Pelosi has as much at stake in making the country better and safer as does anyone. She's a doting grandmother who is not about to sell out her country to terrorists or to forces that undermine American values.

Grandmothers are like that.

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