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Toad in the road or a bobcat up a tree?

The Jerry Clower story about going coon hunting comes to mind as the ongoing soap opera at Morgan County Courthouse continues.

Old Jerry and some of his Mississippi buddies thought their dogs had a raccoon treed, but when one coon hunter climbed the tree to shake it out, he encountered a quarrelsome bobcat.

Jerry tells of the fight that ensued. Finally, the hunter up the tree called out for those on the ground to fire their guns up into the tree. He or the bobcat had to have some relief.

The investigation into officials' and employees' computer data that the Huntsville law firm of Wilmer & Lee is conducting for the Morgan County Commission hopefully will be that shot of relief into the courthouse thicket.

Morgan County residents need some relief. This political feud has carried on far too long. The basic players seem to be Sheriff Greg Bartlett, County Commissioner Stacy George, Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott and Chairman John Glasscock.

The circle widened this week when former Human Resources Director Jack Underwood lost his job over racy e-mails, which prompted him to observe that "Somebody was — or some folks were — trying to get somebody on the commission and I was just the toad in the road."

Someone surreptitiously outed Chairman Glasscock for his part in passing along the e-mail from Mr. Underwood because he recently blocked county employees from accessing, a news site that also hosts chat rooms. Participants in one of the chat rooms carried on a continuous stream of invective political comment.

Mr. Underwood may have been more than a toad in the road, but his analogy is appropriate.

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