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Tax vote helps schools, also helps community

If there is a dominant factor that defines the excellence of a community, it is its support for its schools. The overwhelming vote renewing the school tax reaffirms the quality of Morgan County as a place to live and work.

When school taxes fail, it is because residents forget how integrally their own plights are bound to those of their neighbors. They vote against the tax because they don't have school-age children or place no great value on education.

Morgan County voters on Tuesday not only pronounced their understanding of the importance of educating their children, they acknowledged the individual benefits they receive from an uplifted community.

North Alabama is scrapping for a better quality of life. It is doing so by attracting high-paying businesses and retirees, by trying to keep its brightest children from leaving, and by creating recreational opportunities that lure newcomers and give pleasure to those already here.

Central to these efforts is a strong education system and a populace with a reputation for supporting that system. The businesses we hope to attract value a school system because it creates a qualified pool of employees and because it benefits their own efforts at recruiting employees from outside the area.

Good employers bring with them opportunity, economic health and tax dollars.

Tuesday's landslide vote renewing the 7.3 mill school tax will help Morgan County schools continue their education excellence.

It also, however, will do a whole lot more.

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